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Brian McEvoy is famous around the world both for his skill at a lathe and as a teacher of woodturning; his latest DVD expresses both beautifully.

Creating two-piece hollow forms was a project only advanced turners would tackle – until now.

Brian, along with co-host Gordon Langer, walks you through the process by providing clear, logical and easy to follow instructions, starting with a yellow block of raw wood right through to sanding and applying the finish. At the risk of giving away the farm, Brian freely reveals all his secret tips and special techniques so you too can create stunning works of art. 

Benefit from McEvoy’s years of experience as he reveals how to correctly position the body so as to increase tool control and prevent back strain while working. For viewers new to the lathe, McEvoy provides tips for mounting objects and making different cuts.

A photo gallery of his personal collection will fuel the fire for artists looking to bring out the natural beauty in wood.




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When a woodturner commences a new venture, they often seeks out information and knowledge to get him started, and help avoid making common mistakes. They seek out master craftsmen, in the hope one of those  experts will impart their hard earned knowledge and secrets to them.

Turning a deep vessel using a large captive boring bar can be a little intimidating.

Q. But there are lots of “how to” DVD’s out there so how do you know which one offers the best instruction?

A. You have to take a long hard look at the finished work and skills of the teacher. 

Brian McEvoy is a true master craftsman, who has been creating museum quality pieces for the last 20 years, he is a regular guest speaker/ teacher at major wood turning conventions world-wide.

“Mastering the Large Captive Boring Bar” – is an absolute must for anyone wanting to create stunning pieces with the ease of a master craftsman.

Brian is a great teacher and passes on his knowledge in an easy to follow no nonsense manner. With the help of his co-host, Gordon Langer, you get all the down and dirty tips and tricks to take your wood turning to the next level.

With over 90 minutes of instructional footage plus;

Free Bonus features that includes; How To use a laser to gauge wall thickness, Steady rest and extreme boring tools plus a Photo gallery to inspire your future projects.





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