Hi, I'm Brian McEvoy. Welcome to my wood turning website.

My wood turning originally started out in the mid-1980s as a hobby. 

The support and encouragement of my wife, family and friends helped in my decision to go full time in 1995.

This web site provides you with a small cross-section of the finished products that I turn out in my shop in Edmonton, Canada and their prices. The prices reflect the rarity of material and the time taken to produce the wood turnings.

However, the webpage does not provide you with my complete line of available products.

I make both one-only wood turnings that are bought by collectors and a full line of attractive bowls, vases and decorative wood turned pieces that people use in their kitchens and living rooms.

I am constantly working on new ideas to add to my lathe turned line and I welcome any suggestions for innovative products or for a special piece that will uniquely fit your home or workplace.

I have a booth at the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market just off Whyte Avenue [83rd Avenue between 103rd and 104th Streets] in Edmonton. The market is open Saturdays year 'round from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Please come by for a look.

Above - Alaskan yellow cedar multi-section pagoda standing 43 inches [almost 4 feet] high. 

Or if you wish to visit my workshop, you are most welcome, but please call for an appointment first. Or, if you would like a vicarious look at my workshop, click on the "How I Do It" link for a sequence of images showing how I make a vase and a platter.

If you do not live in Edmonton or the surrounding area, drop me an email or call me and we can discuss the type of product that you are interested in. 

And, if you wish to shop from a distance, I can send you JPEG images of my available stock. I am also able to make wood turnings to suit your interests.

And, for your interest, here is what a wall of my work looks like in one buyer's home