Brian McEvoy's Bio

Brian McEvoy's Biography


Brian McEvoy is one of only a handful of professional full time wood turners in Canada.

His passion for wood turning originally started out in the mid-1980s as a hobby. The support and encouragement of his wife, family and friends helped in his decision to go full time in 1995.

Over the years Brian has worked hard at perfecting his craft and has been able to participate at various seminars and symposiums with world class turners.

He has become an award winning wood turner who is sought out by many collectors. His pieces are on display in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. While he makes many standard items for general use, many of the turnings that he now makes are one-time-only items that are sought after by collectors.

He is an innovator, bringing in new ideas in materials and mediums. Examples of this can be seen in his extraordinarily deep hollowed turnings, his carving and piercing work, and his use of the air brush. By combining today's synthetics with exotic and local woods, Brian is not only creating artistic forms, but acting as a conservator as well.

Below are three examples of his award winning work.